Thursday, November 30, 2006

One more reason I know I'm marrying the right man.

I fell down on the way into work yesterday. I was wearing my brown knee boots. Or my FMBs as many people like to call them, except the heels are low, so I don't think they encourage Fing as much as hand holding or something equally innocent. Anywho, they're very slick. I've slipped and slid a few times before in these shoes. I actually had a little sliding action going on on the front porch before I even left the house, but thought it was because of the dew. They're just naturally slick shoes, but they're cute and look especially cute with my little plaid skirt, so I suffered for the cause.

Evelyn and I had just won a challenging round of Frogger trying to dodge traffic in order to make it in to work and thought we had come out of it victorious when I went down. I stepped out with my right foot, but heel did not catch as heels are supposed to and instead kept right on going in a rather lovely "Bring It On" kind of move. The left leg didn't feel like doing the splits yesterday though and instead just dropped to the knee. Evelyn, also demonstrating why we are friends, kept right on walking. Another woman exclaimed some kind of concerned statement and I quickly collected myself and got right back up, so as to avoid any further embarassment.

When I told this story to Freddie, after checking in to be sure I was okay. The first thing he asked was, "was anyone around? Did anyone see?" I answered and he said, well that's a good thing. You could have fallen right in front of Dr McSteamy.

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Joy said...

I've been meaning to ask you if I can put a link to your blog on my blog. Can I? I think the masses (you know, the 10 people that read me) should have access to you. Because I really think you're funny.