Friday, March 27, 2009

teeny bopper

Is it weird that I'm pretty sure I'm going to see the Hannah Montana movie? In the theater?


A guy I work with is going through a tough break-up. He wants to stay together, but she doesn't. So, they're trying to be friends. Of course, this isn't working because he still wants to be more.

Yesterday, I was trying to convince him that he needed some time away from her to get over her. I told him about one of my old boyfriends and our lingering break-up/make-up relationship and how we couldn't be friends until we had A LOT of time apart and how even now, it's weird. He wanted to know if we were friends now. We talked about how it's difficult to be friends with someone who knows so much about you...more than most of your other friends. Suddenly, I thought of some good friends of mine who aren't together anymore, but are still really close. They can even talk about one another's dates, etc, but the truth is there's really still chemistry between them.

I was trying to remember which friends I was thinking of and then I realized it was Sam and Naomi.

From Private Practice.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have many thoughts and happenings on my mind that I want to write about, but unfortunately they're all covered in snot. It's starting to warm back up around here, but not much is in bloom yet. I can feel the tide turning though because my head is swimming and I'm sneezing like crazy. I haven't slept in two nights because I've been so congested. I've temporarily become a mouth breather, which is oh so attractive.

I signed my name and gave my license so I could get the real sudafed and I'm about to head for my bed. I will post more when my brain dries out. In the mean time, has anyone tried a netti pot?

Monday, March 16, 2009


My husband works 30 minutes from our house. We've been trading cars daily based on who has to drive farther. This has helped to save some miles on our leased car, but sometimes proves to be confusing. Today is one of those times.

Fred had the leased car on Friday when I drove to Charlotte and he has the other car today. He's only using one car, but unfortunately, has both sets of keys with him. So, I am stuck.

I'm not complaining too much. I was supposed to go to a seminar on retirement today, but it was hosted by AIG, so I'm not sure how helpful it would have been anyway. I have to drive to meet my students at 5, but he assures me that he'll get me the keys by then. It's rainy and gross outside and I'm still wearing my pajamas. I've also got a full DVR schedule and a new episode of Big Love to watch.

Actually, I may have ended up with the better end of the deal.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Today has just been an off day.

I woke up around 5:30 and just laid in bed until my alarm went off at 6:10. After a while, I wondered what was taking so long. It was 6:15. I had set my alarm for 7:10. I have to be at work at 7:00.

Then, I couldn't find either of our car keys and realized I'd forgotten to clean all of the snow off the car and it had frozen.

I went to grab a cup of coffee before I ran out the door, but discovered that Freddie had accidentally set the alarm for

Freddie was kind enough to bring me some coffee and then we had a fiasco and had to switch cars.

At lunch, my Smart Meals leaked some kind of grease all over my uniform.

I brought a pop corn and a movie for the patients and the butter splashed all over the other side of my uniform.

I escaped to go to the bathroom and discovered my underwear were inside out.

But, that's okay. Because I won a little award at work today, so it's all good.

Monday, March 02, 2009

snow day!

Today-6 inches of snow
North Carolina Weather-Crazy

When you work at a hospital there's no such thing as a snow day. For that matter, there's no such thing as Christmas either. However, Monday is one of my days off, so I was so excited about the snow last night. We've actually had a couple of good (for NC) snows this year, but I've had to be at work for all of them, and of course they had melted by the time I got home.

I begged Freddie to skip work today and stay home with us, but the best he could do was go in late. I am DYING to go sledding and praying the snow holds out until he gets back home. In the meantime, Jack and I played outside for a bit. I had to make a mad dash around the house trying to find some gloves to wear. I found 4 gloves, but they were all lefties. Little man loves socks and gloves and I expect he is to blame for the missing righties.

He was very interested in one blade of grass that poked through the snow and it was so cute to see him trying to figure it out.

I decided to borrow a little snow from our neighbor's house (no one lives there) to add to my snowman. Jack was not happy that I left him in the yard alone and cold. He cried and whined like crazy. He didn't love the snow. He was so cold and shiver (I suppose I would be too, if I'd gone out there NAKED!) He warmed up to it a bit and seemed to enjoy the cold snack. We gathered up a few pots and I'm going to try making some snow cream later.

If you look carefully, you can see he's actually trying to take my glove!
Little man finally convinced me to go inside. It looks like he's trying to get his tush warm.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

funny times four

You say we're in a recession? These guys don't care.

Thanks to Happy Hour Sue for sharing this!

it's tough being popular

We actually had plans this weekend.

On Friday night our cute friends Tim and Danielle invited us over for dinner. We enjoyed playing with their silly dog, Otter, and enjoyed a little wine, too. Our visit to and tour of their house served as a little kick in the tail because I left feeling horrible about the state of our house, err I mean rat's nest.

Yesterday, Freddie's friends from Maryland stopped through on their way down to Florida. (Man, I wish I'd stowed away in their car because it's freezing here!) Freddie woke up early and cleaned our house. (Well, he mostly cleaned and the rest of the stuff he stowed away in our back bedroom).

Today, we felt inspired to get off our butts and do something. We were going to paint, but it's freezing and dark today, so we skipped it. We did do some virtual designing and found a bathroom we love on rate my space. We tried to go out in this freezing rain and look for supplies, but only made it as far as Panera for soup before we had to head back home and put on our jammies.

I suppose we'll continue to feel horrible about our house, but at least we'll be warm and cozy in our rat's nest.