Sunday, March 01, 2009

it's tough being popular

We actually had plans this weekend.

On Friday night our cute friends Tim and Danielle invited us over for dinner. We enjoyed playing with their silly dog, Otter, and enjoyed a little wine, too. Our visit to and tour of their house served as a little kick in the tail because I left feeling horrible about the state of our house, err I mean rat's nest.

Yesterday, Freddie's friends from Maryland stopped through on their way down to Florida. (Man, I wish I'd stowed away in their car because it's freezing here!) Freddie woke up early and cleaned our house. (Well, he mostly cleaned and the rest of the stuff he stowed away in our back bedroom).

Today, we felt inspired to get off our butts and do something. We were going to paint, but it's freezing and dark today, so we skipped it. We did do some virtual designing and found a bathroom we love on rate my space. We tried to go out in this freezing rain and look for supplies, but only made it as far as Panera for soup before we had to head back home and put on our jammies.

I suppose we'll continue to feel horrible about our house, but at least we'll be warm and cozy in our rat's nest.

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