Tuesday, February 24, 2009

an actual conversation

Freddie visited his buddy up the street and told me that he was taking his friend's wife to a movie. I jokingly suggested that they were having an affair and after assuring me that they weren't, he told me that he joked that he had better watch him around me and then we had the following conversation.

Freddie-I knew you wouldn't have to worry about him because he's a smoker, but do you think if he weren't a smoker and he looked like Brad Pitt you would cheat on me with him?

Me-I'm not really that into Brad Pitt. I mean, I can appreciate him, but I don't think I'd date him.

F-....well, or some other actor you're really into.

M-Johnny Depp! Except, I don't think I'd be so into Johnny Depp if we hadn't had such a long history together.

F-What about Matthew Mcconaughey?

M-From what I understand, he's not really into personal hygeine. I think he's kind of stinky in person.

F-Well, what about somebody you really like.

M-Oh, John Krasinski!!

F-Wow, you were excited about that! okay, yeah him.

M-Yeah, you might really have to worry about that.

F-What if we really did live next to John Krasinski and we were friends with him and we hung out all of the time....And, I still got really tired and had to go to bed early and you guys hung out a lot after I went to bed.

M-I think if our marriage was on the line you should try to stay up later.

F-But I don't even know that our marriage is on the line. What can I do?

M-You know, I think we're just going to have to cross that bridge when we come to it.


Jules said...

LOL. you guys are funny.

And it's ok about the running...you will get back into it. One wk till the time changes. :) You shoudl do the 5 mile Beer Run on 3/14...you cna walk parts of it. ;)

Mrs. Smith said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by my blog! And hello there! This conversation really made me laugh out loud...gotta love weird marriage stuff! :)