Sunday, February 22, 2009

goodnight sweetheart

Freddie couldn't hang through the Oscars.

He just hugged me good night and said, "See you tomorrow?" With a question. a question.

"You said that like a question? Do we have plans i don't know about. I think I'll be here tomorrow. Unless I leave you. Or I die. If that's the case, get my casket at Costco."

"That's true. That's one thing you taught me while you were here."

I suppose my work here is done then.

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Jules said...

I had a conversation this past wknd at the beach with my girlfriends about COSTCO caskets...LOL And do you order early and store it in your garage if you are sickly? or if they deliver after you die do they go right to the funeral home I guess? or does your UPS man leave it on your front porch? LOL

so weird.

PS. How's the running going??