Saturday, February 07, 2009

out of the loop

I've been a bad blogger lately. Actually, I think except for the rare occasion, I am always a bad blogger. Oh well. I can't think of anything interesting to share. So, I decided to share something that isn't interesting.

We're housesitting this weekend. Hubby's aunt has a beautiful home and we're playing pretend. We're also keeping her golden doodle puppy, Lucy and fat cat, Simba. Lucy, the puppy, is giving Jack a run for his money. We thought no dog had as much energy as Jack, but we were wrong. Poor little Jack looks like he's had a bad visit to the salon, his ears are all glued up from Lucy chewing on them. Simba has helped me fulfill my dream of giving someone a shot (these little eccentricities remain from my pre-med days). He needs one twice a day for his diabetes and I am loving it.

Their neighborhood is a former farm or something. There is a huge pasture in the middle that is communal property. When we came home this evening, there were 7 deer in the yard. Some were just little folks. Too cute.

Tomorrow is our last day. I may have to take a few snapshots to share before we hit the road. Lord knows, we'll never live in a place this nice.

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