Sunday, February 22, 2009

sunday shopping

I was hunting around online for a deal on a TV and found another great deal. The Costco website says that they have thousands more items than you'll find in your local store. Well, that's certainly true.

It turns out that you can actually buy a casket online. They have two for standard shipping and one for expedited shipping, just in case you didn't plan ahead.

This one is my personal favorite. It seems to be pretty classic, but if you want something a little more flashy, they also have them with messages embroidered inside the lid. One says, "Mother" and has a little flower another one says, "In God's Care." Another is called the Edward, but I can't see what it says inside. Surely it doesn't say Edward because I would think that would really reduce its marketability.

In all seriousness, maybe this isn't such a weird thing. I visited a funeral home with my "death and dying" class in seminary and that place was really scamming people out of some money. I went ahead and gave Freddie the thumb's up to get my casket at Costco, but he informed me that he'd prefer that he die first. He thinks I'm better at dealing with those kinds of things. Well, thanks, but no thanks.


lisagh said...

Is it wrong that I laughed out loud at the "in case you didn't plan ahead" line?

Susan D. said...

I goofed ... it only is the banana color that's on sale. I thought it was all of the petite and tall! SO Sorry!!!