Sunday, February 01, 2009

sunday stress

Are you watching the big game? We are. When I say that, I'm using the word watching in the loosest sense of the word since neither one of us knows anything about sports. We were excited about having some wings and nachos in honor of the big event, but then we were too busy and too lazy to go to the grocery store. Our situation wasn't helped by Freddie's sudden anxiety attack over bills, mess, groceries, filing, taxes, the dog, the vet, unpacking, money, you name it.

He does this occasionally and I do my best not to kill him. In these moments, he loses all ability to see his own role in all of it. He talks incessantly and needs me to drop whatever I'm doing and fix his problems. I finally snapped today and reminded him that I hadn't made the file he was obsessing over, or moved it. It wouldn't bother me if it wasn't so sudden, well it probably would, but I could maybe get in on the program. It might also help if he nicely asked for my assistance instead of suddenly spazzing out. Though I suppose if I looked at myself very carefully I might find one or two areas where I'm not perfect. Surprising, I know.

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