Sunday, March 30, 2008

Just So (just a little late)

I’m a little particular about a few things. Okay, well, maybe everything. One thing that I’m really funny about is holidays. I like them to be just so.
We met a few friends downtown for St. Patrick’s day and I couldn’t help but getting so agitated by people’s festive attire. Doesn’t everyone know that you have to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day. Okay, it was a Monday so maybe you forgot when you woke up, but seriously people, you are going out to celebrate, slap on a little green.
You know what really drives me crazy? When people will point to a tiny green stripe on their shirt and think that’s an excuse to avoid a pinch. Huh uh. Not cutting it.
Unfortunately, my obsession over what is an appropriate celebration of the holiday isn’t limited to just wearing green, but the actual shade of green. Since you asked (okay, maybe you didn’t but it’s my blog so I’ll just tell you anyway), I prefer Kelly green, followed by lime, and then if you must, hunter. I’m sorry folks, olive is not your magically delicious choice for St. Patty’s Day. You’d better watch out, cause next year my pinchers will be ready.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

another reason why I love Target

Yesterday I ran in target to try on a few dresses that I spotted over the weekend. Of course, I couldn't proceed without checking out the One Spot. I noticed a girl standing there who was about my age. She seemed to be waiting for someone and just a moment later her friend walked up and greeted her. I noticed that the greeting seemed very emotional, but silent. I thought that perhaps the girls were deaf and glanced over my shoulder to see if they were signing. That's when I noticed that one of the girls was crying and then I heard her tearfully say, "I know, I'm just so happy!" Realizing they were not deaf, I began to wonder if the girl had just gotten engaged and this was her first time seeing her friend since her fiance popped the question. I couldn't resist another glance to see if she was showing off her ring, so as they walked by me, I checked out her hand and spotted her carrying a little white stick. It was a pregnancy test! The girl had been in the bathroom and had just found out that she was pregnant! As they walked away I heard them mumbling about how that test was so much easier because it was digital and how she couldn't call her mom yet because her mom would tell EVERYONE. It was a very surreal experience and it really made my day. I called Freddie right away to tell him. We laughingly pondered whether we'll take our pregnancy tests at Target too, teasing of course, though if I didn't live so close to Target, I, too, might not be able to resist. :) I went on to try on several super cute dresses with my heart warmed by witnessing this woman's tremendous joy and feeling awed by the wonder that is new life. I will probably never know that child or learn what he or she does for the world and yet I was there when his or her mommy first learned of its existence. Life really is amazing sometimes.