Friday, March 27, 2009


A guy I work with is going through a tough break-up. He wants to stay together, but she doesn't. So, they're trying to be friends. Of course, this isn't working because he still wants to be more.

Yesterday, I was trying to convince him that he needed some time away from her to get over her. I told him about one of my old boyfriends and our lingering break-up/make-up relationship and how we couldn't be friends until we had A LOT of time apart and how even now, it's weird. He wanted to know if we were friends now. We talked about how it's difficult to be friends with someone who knows so much about you...more than most of your other friends. Suddenly, I thought of some good friends of mine who aren't together anymore, but are still really close. They can even talk about one another's dates, etc, but the truth is there's really still chemistry between them.

I was trying to remember which friends I was thinking of and then I realized it was Sam and Naomi.

From Private Practice.



Joy said...

hahahahahaha. I love it. Yeah, and even they don't work because now Sam's all in love with her again! I think it's possible to be friendly. But, real friends? I dunno.

Joy said...

Oh! I'd love to see you when I'm in NC. I'll email you closer to.