Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I love what you do for me

Yesterday, Freddie and I were headed down a busy street full of shops and restaurants and car dealerships. I'm sure you know what kind of street I'm talking about. Every town has one or two. They are usually pretty ugly, but quite convenient. Anyway, out of the blue he says,

"what do you think the Toyota symbol is?"

I started to answer...

But, then he went on, "Do you think it's a bull, or a Mexican wearing a sombrero?'

I started looking around because I thought I had misheard him. We must have passed a restaurant that I didn't see. I noticed a wings place with a bull on the logo, but it's called Buffaloes and that doesn't sound anything like Toyota, so all I could say was,


So, he said it again, "What do you think the Toyota symbol is?"

I pointed at our steering wheel and said,
"Do you mean this?"


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He said,

"Yes, is it a sombrero or a bull?"

To which I replied,

"It's a T, like Toyota"

Which totally blew him away.

"I don't see it", he said.

He pointed out the bull and the sombrero, but he didn't explain to me how either of them have more to do with Toyota than the letter T.

So, what do you think?


five tomatoes said...

Not going to lie, you just blew my mind too! Now I wonder if the Mazda logo is supposed to be a stylized M...I'll report back after I stare at my steering wheel!

maggi said...

Now that's funny!

five tomatoes said...

After extensive research I have determined the Mazda logo is a stylised M that evokes wings in flight. (http://www.cartype.com/page.cfm?id=250&alph=ALL&dec=ALL) My car can fly? Sweet!

You can learn more about Toyota here:

Evelyn said...

I totally see the bull and the man with sombrero! Leave it to Freddie to point out the details.

Natalie said...

I think like you, that it is a T. But I much prefer the thought that it could be a bull or a mexican wearing a sombrero. way prefer it.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

That is the funniest story!! I can see all three but vote that it is likely a "T" too.

Melissa said...

Um, I'm about 120% sure that it's a bull wearing a sombrero. Wasn't that in the jingle at one point? "I love what you do for me, Sombrerobull!" Right? Olé!