Monday, July 20, 2009


Susan was frustrated about her customer service at the bank today and I'm irritated about Target. Yes, you read that correctly, Target.

I was trying to take advantage of the crazy deal on Starbucks coffee (7 dollar coffee and when you buy 3 you get a 5 dollar gift card). But, the cashier couldn't get the card to come up until I bought 4. Hubs probably would have left it alone, but I am a miser frugal. I bought the fourth bag, but went immediately to check out the flier. It said 3 bags, so I proceeded to customer service. The girl had a difficult time returning my 4th bag for the full price, so she called the manager. He worked it all out, but what I couldn't believe was that he was popping his gum the whole time. I stood not 2 feet from his face and he continued to blow bubble after bubble. Sometimes he even did that annoying thing where you fold your gum so that it does a thousand ear piercing pops in a row. I thought about complaining, but who would I complain to? HE WAS THE MANAGER.

For the record, I'm actually a pretty cowardly complainer. I usually call in my complaints and I keep them few and far between, but what you don't know about me is that I cannot stand gum! Seriously, people pop it, pull it, smack it, and stick it everywhere. It is my number one pet peeve and so I've eliminated it from my life. My aversion certainly didn't help the matter, but is it just me, or is that absolutely ridiculous?!

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Susan D. said...

I am also a huge fan of Target, but I think their customer service has been awful lately. Have you tried anything on recently? You may get a grunt before a number is pushed at you! I think the gum would have about made me come out of my skin ... that is so unprofessional.