Saturday, August 01, 2009

Stall surprise

I just had an unfortunate mishap in the ladies room. There were no reasonable stall choices so I had to go with the one where the door would shut but wouldn't latch. I assumed my standard hover position and went about my business. The next thing I knew, some girl
was busting in on me. As if that wasn't bad enough, because of my squat position, she smacked
me in the head with the door
and busted my eye with the lock. Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark.


emily said...

I'm am very sorry for your mishap. And that is really funny.

taralynn819 said...

Thanks for the comment! I like this post, btw. The things we women have to put up with!!!

It's been so fun to tell people I'm due on Easter Sunday. My dad passed away in April of '08 so this will help bring something positive to the season.

I love connecting with people who are also first time moms-to-be. I think you are the closet to my due date that I have come across!

I totally hear ya about not wanting to blog while being sick. I wrote an initial blog the week I found out I was pregnant but didn't have the energy or mind to blog until most recently. Besides, what would I have blogged about? "Yep, still feel like junk..." lol First trimester was NOT fun, that is for sure!!

Are you beginning to show yet? Sometimes I get nervous that I'm not showing much at all. I told my friend the other day that I was 4 months and 1 week pregnant and she couldn't believe it. Depending on what I wear, you can't even tell. But I certainly feel pregnant (aka bloated 24/7!)

I'll be reassured once I have my appointment tomorrow and hear the heartbeat again. I can't' say I've felt this little one either, but maybe I just haven't realized it was the baby.

I don't know if I'm going to go the maternity pants route, as I haven't found them to fit me right. I bought a Bella Band so hopefully I'll be able to wear semi-normal clothes as long as possible.

Well enough going on and on, but I'm sure you could do the same! And no one really cares about pregnancy banter except someone who is pregnant so this has been fun!

Nice to "meet" you! btw, what state are you guys in? We're in West Virginia, although I'm from Minnesota and we met in Maryland. Hubby is from here, though.


Katie said...

I didn't have any way to write you back-but thank you for your comment on my blog today. :) You are a strong lady, it seems! Your story gives me hope I may not be in this for super long. We shall see! I'm not worried about it either way--but I CANT WAIT to meet her ;)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I don't know how to comment back to you since you have no email attached, but yes, "she really did wean". And if you read, I continued to try for days and days. It wasn't a nursing a strike. She wasn't sick. Yes she has some teeth coming in, but she nursed all the way through the first one coming in. The pediatrician wants her on formula until she hits 1, then we'll transition to cows milk. I have nothing against formula, and I've given her a bottle of formula here and there since 7 months for any in-case situations. She does just fine on it.

So, not that I have to answer everything, but I will for clarity. I've not pumped using the electric pump I borrowed since she was 7 months old b/c I had to return it to a friend. I had a hand pump I used to help my ladies wind down, that was it. I did give her the milk I pumped, but no, I'm not becoming a full time pumping mom in her last month. She'll be just fine on formula for a few weeks and we'll transition to cows milk in a few weeks.

Shelby said...

Hi Amanda.. I didn't see an email for you so I'm responding here! I got them from my favorite place.. the cherry tree 123. She is out of TN and sews everything and monograms herself. LOVE HER! Tell her I sent you!