Tuesday, January 09, 2007

ooh ooh I've got a crush on you.

I have the best boyfriend. I've written about him before. He's cute, but not in a way that's intimidating, he's kind, pretty smart, and always keeps me laughing.
He's surprised me twice recently. I haven't been to the movies in forever. I went to see The Holiday on New Year's weekend in Greensboro. I had bought several cheap movie coupons from work and had to use them by the end of the year, but that plan was foiled when I got into the movie for free because the heat was broken. The movie was good enough...though I struggled to maintain my disdain for Jude Law as scummy as he is because he's so cute and charming in this movie and he's a good dad to boot! Anyway, I was sitting there minding my own business, feeling sorry for old Cam and her recent break up (little did I know poor Cam was going through boy troubles in her real life too) while watching her drown her sorrows by plunging herself into her work, when he showed up. My sweet Jim.
Last weekend I visited mom in Charlotte and we decided to go to Phillips place to see Dreamgirls. As I found myself swept away by the musical stylings of Jennifer, Beyonce, Eddie, and Jamie, he caught me off guard once again and there he was, smiling down at me.
He's been doing this a lot lately, my boyfriend. He surprised me about a month ago while I was watching Jarhead. Our surprise visits are never for very long. Like many girlfriends, I get a little jealous when other girls have their eyes on him, so I appreciate having him to myself most of the time. I don't need him out on the town parading his body and his good will toward men like Brad. But, it is nice to show him off every once in a while. Thanks, Jim, for always making me smile. I'll see you Thursday.

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joy said...

Hey! Ha! So, I have linked you. I saw your post that you'll post at least once a week and am very excited by that. I rather enjoy reading what you write so keep it comin', lady!

As for south beach, better you than I. And for working out, it seems I suck in the whole regard. I had high hopes for the pilates thing, but I'm co-facilitating this class this semester that is going to end up taking so much more of my time, and I didn't originally plan on that.

Did you join curves? Are you starting a workout schedule? I'd like to start joining you when I can, if that's ok. I have a ton of pressure until next Tuesday then it should be normal again for me. I'd also like to see you for fun sometime.

Let me know what you're game for.

emily said...

I noticed Jim was showing up more and more in my life too. I thought I was special. He's an adorable guy to have around.

Joy said...

your second week is almost up. I'm anxiously awaiting your wit and charm.

Oh but more importantly, how psyched were you when Jim told Karen he still has feelings for Pam??? AND how perfect are they that she would be the only one to go along with pranking that guy (I never remember his name).

I cried hard at Grey's last night.