Wednesday, August 15, 2007

welcome to my life

I've been absent for a bit as my newlywed life has been keeping me quite busy. I did finally get my kitchen aid mixer, and honey let me tel you, it's beeyooteeful. I haven't mixed anything though because once again, my husband is up to his shenanigans.

While I was out shopping for his birthday present a little over a week ago, I got a call from Guilford County EMS telling me that he'd broken his leg while wake boarding and that they were taking him to the hospital. 12 hours, no sleep, and a rod in the femur later, we made it back to our room and my boy began to mend-translate whine. Seriously though, he's been quite a sport about everything, unlike his blushing bride. I have been worrying because worrying is what I do best. Just call me eeyore. I've also been angry, which is actually good because I don't do anger so well...I'm much better at eating and avoiding. While I've never asked Freddie not to wakeboard and it's actually something we used to do together quite a bit, I would be a little less pissed if he'd hurt himself falling down the stairs or better yet, at work!

A life full of donut butt pillows, walkers, canes, crutches, ice packs, helplessness, and emptying urinals were not mentioned in my membership on and I'm less than thrilled about beginning my marriage this way. Before any of this happened, I found out that a job that I was pretty well assured was mine, was suddenly not so certain, (the verdict is still out on that one-I should find out a week before this position ends, hopefully Friday or Monday) and I was already feeling anxious about work, insurance, and money, and pretty much like a loser, so I wasn't in the best shape going in. We've had lots of help-tons of great meals and lots of great "nurses", but it is so overwhelming. As much as the help is appreciated and necessary, it also means that there is someone in my house 24/7, I'm an introvert at heart, so it's difficult enough, but I cannot stand that so many people are seeing our new place when we haven't done ANYTHING to get it ready for actual human living.

To top it all off, on Friday, we found out that Freddie's mom has breast cancer and will have to have a mastectomy asap. When it rains it pours.

So, that is my bummer post. I have a few more lighthearted things to share, but really didn't feel like I could go there without going here. And, I didn't feel quite like I should give you all the full extent of my emotions about all of this when I hadn't actually shared them with my husband. That is done now, and we're pretty good, I'm free to express my annoyance about having to dump his urine, and so I'll spare you the rest, but if you're the prayin' kind, feel free to give a shout out for us. I'm about to lose my religion.


ads said...
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emily said...

I'm sorry for all the crap happening right now. I hope his Mom is doing alright. Don't worry, he'll pay you back for all your hard work one of these days. And when he's taking care of you, he'll think back and remember how sweet you were.

Christy said...

Gosh..that's alot of stuff to go through at one time! Hopefully it gets better for you.