Tuesday, September 09, 2008

so. painfully. awkward.

I'm sitting in Panera wearing a jacket that does not belong to me.

Why? Because I am prone to uncomfortable situations with strangers.

The only place I could find a free plug is in the meeting room that has whacked out temperature control. It goes from freezing to incredibly humid in rapid cycling intervals.

There were a lot of annoying people in here meeting with me when a guy came in and sat in the closest seat possible that wasn't at my table. Now it's just the two of us and we're pretty much snuggling. I can hear every crunch of his chips.

A minute ago, he stepped out for a second and noticed that I was hunched over. "Are you cold?", he asked.

"Yeah" I answered

"I'll get you a jacket." He offered

"Oh! (shocked) That's okay. It'll get hot in a minute."

"It's okay. I work for Panera."

(Well I'm sure you do, but I don't, so I don't need to wear one of your jackets)

Apparently he can't take no for an answer, so he brought me a jacket. Apparently I can because I'm wearing it.

Why is my life so uncomfortable?

I felt bad because he said he got it from his car. So, I put it over my shoulders. I'm leaving in two minutes, so I can give it back.

So weird. But, what it's actually not that weird because this kind of stuff happens to me all of the time. Seriously.


Evelyn said...

Stuff like that never happens to me!

I freeze my butt off at Panera all the time. I've learned to take a jacket with me.

Joy said...

dude, that's just weird! I don't even know what to say...