Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm convinced

that there is a bug living in my nose. I've had a tickle in it for a couple of days now. It only acts up sometimes, but it is seriously intense and there is no stopping it once it starts. I've tried blowing it...HARD. No luck. That sucker it deep. It's right between m nose and my brain. It really is. I haven't had an x-ray, but I can tell.

I'm not ashamed to say that I have tried shoving my finger up there as far as it will go (in private, of course). What?! What else am I going to do? It is driving me CRAZY! It is so intense, I almost can't stand it. The worst part is, every time it flares up, I keep thinking of all of those horrible stories about people who have some kind of bug crawl in their ears and then the bug gives birth. Any minute now, I'm certain a swarm of insects is going to come from my nose in a Green Mile kind of moment.

I wonder if this paranoia has to do with the disgusting pictures of moth larvae living corrugated boxes that we have had displayed all over work this week?

We have since stopped keeping all of our food and medical supplies in said corrugated boxes. However, my nightmare, and my tickle, continues.

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Jules said...

OMG! I have had the same thing...i had it for about 3 wks straight. it staretd the MINUTE I finished the Gobbler race on Thanksgiving Day. Lasted 3 wks...went away and now it is on ond off...and high up in my nose..yes, between my nose & my brain! You are NOT insane. I have ti too!! weird