Friday, February 15, 2008

fun and flattery

I checked my sitemeter today and searched by referrals. I discovered two things. 1) A lot more people have links to my blog than I realized. Thanks! Some of the ones I checked out, I'd never seen before, but I'm looking forward to checking them out. I tried to set up my own bloglines today. So far, I just enrolled. I couldn't figure out the rest. I'm still waiting for a confirmation e-mail, maybe that will help me sort out the problem. Up until now, I've just been going to perfectly-pink and reading down her list. I'm getting so tech savvy (yeah, right!)

2) Some people found me through very funny google searches. It seems the most popular search was for waxing, but there were a few related to weddings. My absolute favorite google search was ACCIDENTALLY STUCK TOGETHER. (Kind of reminds me of something obscene I once saw at the dog park) Whoever you are, I feel for you and I hope you get unstuck really soon.

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