Wednesday, February 13, 2008

winter wonderland

I met a friend for dinner tonight at The Loop. When we got up to leave, we were bummed to see tons of rain, only it wasn't rain it was SNOW! It was a crazy drive home, the snow was blowing in the opposite direction and only showing up in the headlights, so it felt like I was in some kind of crazy vortex and traveling backward on the highway. (Do you ever get that weird feeling in the car wash? I swear, it trips me out every time!) I thought I was going to drive into the guardrail because the snow was hypnotizing me, but when I got back to Greensboro it finally stopped, but when I pulled back into my driveway, it started again. Now it's sticking!!!! It's so pretty. I was able to snap a few (bad) shots. I'll upload tomorrow. Hooray!

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