Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I don't have any tattoos. I don't particularly want any. In college, I used my roommates design markers to draw a little star on my toe. I thought it looked cute, but I realized I could just draw it whenever I wanted it.

I find tattoos intriguing. In college, I also designed a tattoo for one of my roommates. That sounds a lot more LA Ink than it should. I guess I should say she mentioned wanting to get a tattoo that looked like half a moon and half a sun, I drew it and said, "oh, like this?" Apparently, she wanted it exactly like that because that was the template. I'll be the first to admit that it was not good. I definitely would not have it tattooed on my body. I did, however, drive her to have it done, because I'm fascinated by that kind of stuff, and she bought me a Tour of Italy at Olive Garden.

I enjoy watching Life of Ryan on MTV, but every time that kid takes his shirt off, that giant tattoo slaps me in the face. That thing is massive. Freddie thinks it's no big deal. It's his name and he's famous apparently that equals sensible. I think his parents shouldn't have given the okay on that one just yet (yes, I know I'm probably naive and there was no parental permission involved-but his are nuts, so you never know). It's huge! He may change his mind when he's a bit older and then it won't be a cute little, oh gosh I was so silly when I was 18, I let a dumb girl design a tattoo for me in exchange for a feast of Italian flavors kind of story. It'll be a giant crooked bilboard across his back (look closely, it looks a little crooked to me).

I'm thinking of all of this because last night at Omega sporting goods, the clerk had an obviously shiny new tattoo on his wrist. It was the olympic rings. I asked him about it. According to the hubby, I may have made it sound like the rings were a dumb choice, however, I was actually wondering if he had been in the olympics. (Okay, maybe he wouldn't be working at Omega if he had, but this didn't seem that far fetched. In highschool, I swam against a girl who was in the Olympics and she was on the public school team---some people just want to give back, you know?) Turns out, he was not an olympian. He just found them inspiring. Good deal. I'm sorry I made it sound foolish, young man. 10 years from now you'll probably be happier about it than Sheckler with his crooked billboard, or this guy.

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By the way, did you know you can tattoo your eye now?

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melissa said...

gross!!! the tattooed eye, that is. not the olympic rings.