Thursday, April 10, 2008

my dog is smarter than your honor student.

I knew the dog was smart. I taught him to roll over and give me a hug in one night and even though he barked for the entire 60 minutes of his first Pet Smart doggie class, he could do all the tricks better than his classmates. He frequently changes our tv to zoom mode. (That one took us a few weeks to figure out how to undo. It involved three different buttons. But, we've got it figured out now so whenever Oprah is missing her forehead we know how to get it back

This time he's really showing off. I'm in the guest room, which my husband prefers to call the computer room because that's where our lap top sleeps, resizing my NKOTB pictures so I can repost my blog about the big day and some music started playing in the den. It took me a second and then I realized that it's Toubab Krewe. Apparently the dog was feeling nostalgic and wanted to watch our friends' wedding dvd. To do this, he had to turn on the tv, switch the input to dvd, power up the dvd player and hit play. He's a genius that one.

I just popped in to check on him, and I wanted to see if the dvd had gotten to the part where they're dancing the hora, and sure enough, he is up to something big. He has gathered these various items from around our house: tape measure/level, hand sanitizer, cell phone, packet of kleenex, and car keys.

He only looks innocent.

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Joy said...

Oh my. What a little sneak! That's really funny though!