Thursday, April 10, 2008

time to change

I updated my avatar. Since I haven't worked at the hospital since August, I thought she might need a change of scenery. Her hair has also grown quite a bit. I'm growing mine out to donate to Locks of Love. I'm sure they have piles and piles of hair by now, but I grew it pretty long for the wedding and had always kind of wanted to do it once, so I just kept going. I think it's actually long enough to cut now, it's way down my back, but I don't want it to be too short when I cut it, so I'll keep going for a bit. I actually would kind of like to cut it short, but I think my face is too round. So, I guess lucky girl will get the makings of a 'fro wig when it grows a little longer, or I lose 20 pounds...or maybe both.

I also updated my doggie. I don't have a corgi, but they didn't have our sweet little mut and this friend in the raincoat looks pretty close.

I chose a spring background because I am loving the warm weather we're having. I'm sure it'll snow tomorrow.

You know what I realized while choosing my background. I haven't been anywhere. How pathetic is it that updating my computerized image made me feel bad about myself?

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Joy said...

hooray for new!