Tuesday, April 01, 2008

did I miss it?

I spotted Suri and Shiloh holding hands on the cover of a magazine yesterday, but I couldn't check it out because I was with a client. However, I did notice something in the headline mentioning the two girls about to turn two and getting ready to be big sisters. Have we gotten confirmation that Katie is indeed pregnant again? I think people have been speculating since Suri popped out (thank God I'm not a celebrity. Everyone would sweat that I'm expecting sextuplets.) However, I haven't seen any hard evidence and I've been investigating. I just checked Google.

On another note. I didn't realize that S and S were so tight. I may have to pick up the mag and get the scoop.

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Melissa said...

Fear not!! You have missed nothing. To my knowledge, the Katie rumors are still just rumors. And I'm pretty sure the Suri/Shiloh cover was photoshopped. But if the OK! article reveals otherwise, please let us know.