Wednesday, August 06, 2008

all together now...awwww

I work with a 6 year old little boy with something called SMS. Our primary goal is to get him functioning independently in society. He has very delayed speech and, in fact, just started talking this fall. He still speaks in short sentences and often says things like me instead of I. Just like most other kids who are just learning to speak. Anyway, today we were working on some of the finer points of grammar.

G-Look, manda, motorcycle.

Me-Yeah, buddy. Good eyes.

G-Just one peoples.

Me-Just one PERSON.

G-One person, not two persons?

Me-Nope, not two PEOPLE. That's a tricky one because it changes. What am I?

G-One person.

Me-And what are we?


Me-You're exactly right.


Melissa said...

AWWWWWWW indeed. What a sweetie.

Traci Anne said...

That's seriously an awwwwww moment!!

Jules said...

glad you are doing the running...and that your foot is getting better. :)

I think yout coach the st wk was a sub....your coach was not there and a girl who ran in the Janes running class with me in April was the SUB coach...I know she was helping more of a basic group and was told that when she arrievd that night, LOL

Jules said...

running class - yes, we ran 1st then sat and listened...the run wasn't as long as norml...I was bumme...we only went like 15 mins...but I think that was b/c they were trying to get coordinated. As the weeks get longer you will run longer....we are running 3 miles tonight. 1.5 out and back. We are meeting at the pool area.

Jules said...

ok so I missed you again...I hope we can meet at the picnic next week. LOL