Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I admit it. I've been dying for the pics of little Vivienne and Knox and I got my fix on Sunday when I spotted an AOL update with the People coverage. I even convinced Freddie to let me buy it so that we could get the points toward our Harris Teeter VIC rewards stuff, but sure enough, they didn't have it! All they had were old editions. Come on HT and People, step up!


Evelyn said...

Kat and I bought the People at the store this week. The cashier lady proceeded to tell us her opinion on the state of matters. She feels bad for Jen. Still. I was amazed that she'd be so easy with her feelings when she works in Los Angeles. It was pretty entertaining.

Melissa said...

You have to get it! The pictures are so, so cute! And I love when they let Shiloh be part of the family.