Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chaplain's Blog

So, this is really my first attempt at blogging. I think I could be pretty good at it, because I have a tendency to spill my guts out on e-mail to people I really don't know that well. The first time I ever read a blog was when a friend of mine (more of a casual friend from church) had hers linked to her IM and I read it. Well, she apparently has the same problem I do and really poured her heart out for all to see. My other problem is that I'm really quite nosy, so I, of course, read the entire thing. I found myself in a weird predicament where I knew all about how she fell in love with this guy and their relationship struggles, etc....mostly things she probably wouldn't actually tell me herself, but I discovered legally. I felt like she and I had this really deep connection because she'd told me all of her personal secrets, but I realized later, she really didn't...she didn't even know that I knew them.
So, this attempt at a blog really isn't going to be that kind of a thing. It would just be too uncomfortable for all of us, don't you think? But, I do find that a number of funny things happen to me...or at least I think they're funny---well, maybe not so much funny as evidence that I have very few social skills, but still stories that I think deserve sharing none the less. So, now rather than me subjecting you to them against your will, you can read them at your leisure...of course, I probably will still subject you to them anyway, so now you'll just have to hear them twice...they really are funnier straight from the horse's mouth anyway.

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