Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's hard out here for a pimp

Random thoughts I'm having today
-I need more e-mail. I often find myself obsessively checking my e-mail. I keep it logged on, so that I can keep clicking over to see if I have some. I get more and more frustrated everytime I check it and there are NO NEW MESSAGES! I realize that a lot of this problem could be solved by actually replying to the ones I have already been sent, but alas I am to lazy for this. So, instead I check my bank balance again, see what's coming on tv tonight, look up random things on the internet and wait... Please don't make me wait anymore.
-Some people think this picture is of me hugging a large penis. It's not. It's actually a large snowman that I had no part in building, but Greg says he did. I just wanted it to look like I had built it, so I got my picture taken with him. Plus, I thought he was pretty cool. There were no snowmen in my life this year.
-Someone in this computer lab keeps sneaking out heinous SBD farts. It's really awful. I thought it was the doctor sitting next to me, but they've continued since his departure, so he probably thought it was me. The first one caught me so off guard that I almost puked up my lunch. Since then I've been holding my breath. I could leave, but then how would I check my e-mail? So, instead, I'm just being slowly poisoned by noxious gas...and ingesting someone else's ass air.
-I've recently become obsessed with reading blogs. I kind of like them because they feel like spying. I found two girls from Salem online with blogs and liked reading them so much that I felt guilty, and realized I felt like I knew them more than I actually did, so I outed myself. Now they're my computer friends. You can find them with my other friends and read their blogs too. I just finished reading all of Emily's past posts and now I'm sad that she doesn't post 30 at a time, because that's how I like to read them. I'm almost finished with Joy's and then I don't know what I'll do. I did however find that I enjoy reading this one lady's blog, you may have heard of her, she was in glamour recently, and she's been writing forever, so that's got me set for a while. You should read her recent story about working out. Especially if you enjoyed my blip about the sbds in the computer lab. You can find it here:
-My car is finally fixed. I like having four windows!
-I'm really happy for 36 mafia and their Oscar win. I think it's exciting when something unexpected and unconventional breaks up an old white guy's party, but I don't like that song. I like rap, but I don't like that song...well, at least I didn't like it when they performe it on the show. I like 36 mafia too...I really like that song I gotta stay fly y y y y y y y y till I die ie ie ie ie ie ie ie ie

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