Thursday, March 16, 2006

I got robbed!

I accidentally parked in the wrong lot yesterday morning. Well, not so much accidentally, but not exactly on purpose either. If you don't know the rat maze that is baptist employee parking it won't make sense, but I'll tell anyway. I tried to park in this one lot thinking I'd really enjoy the walk back to the car because it's very springy outside these days, but it turns out that the space I saw was a handicapped space, and seeing as I'm not handicapped, I couldn't park there. I couldn't exactly get out of that lot and didn't really have time to climb to the top of it...lots of speed bumps, it's a slow drive...I saw a secret entrance to my usual lot and not sure if I was really allowed to go through that gate, but knowing I was short on time, I tailed a lady through the gate (meaning, I didn't swipe my card, but followed her closely so the gate wouldn't smash my car). I did see a sign on my way in that said 2nd shift parking only-all others will be towed. Oops this wasn't a secret entrance to my lot, but a secret floor. Well, I'm not really second shift, but sometimes I do have to work 27 hours, so the second shift is surely during some of that time, so I figured what the hell, I'm running late. I parked right by the steps and hightailed it into the office for morning report.
At the end of the day, I was kind of worried I'd have a ticket and was actually talking about the lack of security in my lot, so I figured I was safe. (can you see where this is going?)
So I walk out to my car...a little early because I was trying to stop by Hallmark to get Freddie a card for our 5 year anniversary of dating..and when I got to my door I noticed that the bottom left corner of my backseat window was shattered. Somebody cracked my window and didn't leave a note...then I realized I was standing on glass and that that bottom shattered portion was actually all that was left of the window!!!! Somebody broke into my car!!! Now, here is the really weird part. There was a lot of crap in my car--it was a real mess--Freddie had actually suggested we clean it out that weekend, and if you've ever seen his car, you'll know how bad it must have been. But, none of the stuff had been touched, except for a 2 liter bottle of Diet 7-Up that I had seatbelted into the backseat (long story that involves puking and other gross things). They had the nerve to bust up my window and only steal a 2-Liter of diet drink. WTF?!?!

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