Thursday, June 14, 2007

just a little bit crazy

For a long time I used mentadent toothpaste. Do you remember this stuff?

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It was good stuff. It really made your teeth feel bubbly and clean and you felt like you'd really accomplished something when you finished becasue it was no small feat getting an equal balance of white and blue on the brush. I can't find this stuff anymore, so I've moved on to Crest Whitening with Scope. I'm pretty happy with the switch and haven't really looked back yet (no turning into a pillar of salt for me.)

One thing I can't seem to let go of though is my toothbrush. I love this guy.

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The key is the zig zaggy rubber bit running down the middle. The brush gives full coverage and the rubber piece really feels like your teeth are getting cleaned.

I am not an OCD tooth brusher. I don't carry one around in my purse to brush mid day. Sometimes I don't brush my teeth before bed (I do always brush in the morning because-gross!). But, I LOVE this toothbrush. I've had mine for way too in I seriously can't remember when I bought it and I'm pretty sure I had it when I live in Richmond, which was, oh, about two years ago. (Stop yelling at me. In all other ways, I am not a vile disgusting human being. You don't understand the magic of this toothbrush.)

I've tried to find replacements. We thought this guy might work

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but no.

Last night while I was cleaning out my underbed storage containers trying to sort through what could be dumped and what I needed to move, I found it. There sitting in my little plastic drawer was a small wedding present from Jesus. Are you ready? Wait for it? An unopened blue mentadent white and clean soft head toothbrush!!! Hooray! I think I'm finally ready to get rid of the red one, but first, we'll have one last hoorah. I'm taking it on my honeymoon. I'll begin my life in my new home with new blue. I think we'll be very happy together.

PS-While I was searching for a picture of old red to post on here, it dawned on me that I might be able to find this toothbrush online. Perhaps only in NC the Mentadent line has been discontinued, or perhaps some scoundrel on Ebay has been hoarding them all. Lucky me! I found it on and I bought 5! I might even share one with my new husband.

I feel a little like Elaine and the last sponge.

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