Thursday, June 21, 2007

slick as a whistle

Just a quick check in from wedding central. The waxing? It's not so bad. The first pull is definitely the worst, but after that, it's really not terrible. It only hurts for a few seconds, maybe 30. My waxer always immediately applies pressure, which really seems to help.

The armpits were definitely the worst part. They actually bled, but rumor has it if you bleed, you kill hair follicles and the hair won't grow back. Probably a lie, but it made me feel better.

I think the weirdest part was baring all of my savage beast to someone. It was actually probably easier with a stranger, but seriously I get embarassed if I realize I have the tiniest bit of stubble and I had to raise my arm and flash about a week of growth. Can you say nasty? Once I finally worked through that and realized she does that everyday and has to have seen worse. I moved on.

It was helpful that she was chatty. That helped keep my distracted from the mild pain and tremendous embarassment.

I do have a few strays that she tried to pluck at the end, but didn't get them all, but they're really not obvious. The craziest thing has been to get goose bumps, which I get all of the time, and not have stubble. Rock on!

I'm not supposed to have to shave for four weeks. I'll let you know how it goes. Overall, I would definitely suggest the wax. But, be warned, the more you do the longer it takes. I was there about an hour and 45 minutes!


Debbie said...

I'm so glad it wasn't that bad....hmmm maybe I'll try to wait a week without shaving my pits. But it's so hard!!

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

I have been having bikini waxes for forever. I barely flinch anymore. Armpits are a whole other story. You are very very brave!

Melissa said...

You are a brave woman!! HAPPY DAY-BEFORE-THE-BIG-DAY!!!