Monday, June 18, 2007

pitcher page

They say when you get married there is always one thing that you get tons of. My friend at work said their thing was crock pots. They got tons of them. Another friend got DVD players. Our thing is pitchers.

If you'll trace back through the blogs you'll see that our first wedding gift was actually a pitcher set that I registered for. I liked it primarily because I like to drink tea from goblets. Right after I chose it, I chose another pitcher set that I liked better (this one is blown glass with a blue rim and matching glasses). I also registered for a single pither at Belk because you might want to serve more than one beverage. I registered for another single at Target because not everyone has Belk.

We got the single pitcher from Belk...and Target...and the blue set. Then we got another...of each. We also got another pitcher and glass set from some random unidentified store. And, my mom just told me that someone else purchased us another one of the first pitchers. They swear they bought it a long time ago and they were the first. So that makes a total of 8 pitchers.

When we were in Goldsboro for a shower a few weeks ago, we were told we just HAD to stop into the Seabrook shop to register. We got mostly cutesy serving things and good old silver southern pieces and acrylic trays, etc. I'm sure you know what kind of shop I'm talking about. Last night, we got the first piece of the Mariposa stuff we registered for. Can you guess what it was?

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Joy said...

Oh geez. I think I got you a pitcher, too. Poop. It was on your registry!

amanda said...

No, Joy, you gave us awesome martini and margarita glasses and you gave us the game Taboo!

PS-It is my fault for registering for so many pitchers. I just think it's funny that that is the primary item that has been doubled, or tripled, and that we've gotten every single one we registered for. Though at one of my showers, a friend realized she hadn't put any on her registry and asked us to get her one!

Joy said...

What's funny is I got home yesterday and had your lovely thank you note! I'm glad you like them. I knew I got you something booze related, but I couldn't remember if it had been something like a margarita set that included a pitcher.

3 more days! Can you believe it? I'm so sorry I'm going to miss it. :(