Friday, June 08, 2007

I got screwed by Barry at my Bachelorette Party!

That's what the t-shirts are going to say. We headed down to Seabrook Island, SC on Friday morning and arrived just in time to spend a few hours sitting on the overcast beach. Good thing, because that was the last time we'd see it.

Tropical Storm Barry was our uninvited guest for the weekend and he really crashed the party. But, thanks to some great girlfriends we made the most of our time nonetheless.

Each of the girls signed up to bring something and we started the weekend off right with my friend Amanda's dinner-make your own gourmet pizzas. Amanda brought along mini pizza crusts, four cheeses, including fresh mozzarella, two sauces, and a variety of other toppings. They were fabulous! (Note to all of you other lazy bums, this is a great idea for home too---I'm going to stock up on these ingredients as soon as the wedding is over and I don't have a dress to fit into (and as soon as we get a fridge!). The girls surprised me with a little birthday party after that.

I spent my actual birthday in a pretty crappy way. I visited my dad's family for my brothers' graduation. I was really glad to be there for them, but the history between my dad and I made things pretty rough and I actually spent about an hour on Saturday crying in a coffee shop. Sounds silly, but it was actually really helpful for Freddie to experience this together. I think he truly "gets it" now and I think that will help him understand those dynamics, and a number of my resulting neuroses a lot more.

Anyway, my real birthday was pretty poopy, but thanks to lots of great friends and my mom, I ended up with 3 really awesome post birthday celebrations.

After the birthday festivities, we broke out the sexy. The girls also gave me a little lingerie shower and I got lots of fun surprises for the honeymoon. Before I left, F had been concerned that the girls would all get me cotton nightgowns. He thought they might know me a little too well. In fact, Ev did ask me if I'd wear something slutty if she got it for me. I told this to Freddie and that I'd told Ev that maybe she could go somewhere in the middle, he said, "If she wants to get you something slutty, let her get you something slutty!" Hey Freddie, Ev did not let you down!

On Saturday we woke up to the rain. It rained all day long. What do you do when it rains all day long? You eat. Then you eat again, then you take a little nap. Then you eat some more and watch a movie. Then you eat again. Good times. I confess, all of the sitting did kick up some of my wedding anxiety. Everytime I saw Ev's computer, I kept thinking, I have a MILLION and two things to do and I'm just sitting! Luckily, we broke out the cards and that carried me through to the big night.

Tropical Storm Barry threatened to kill the party, but the girls and I did not let it beat us. When the limo bus guy called to see if we still wanted to go out, we said of course! The girls had a few games at the house and then we boarded the van and played a little "newlywed game" on the way to the restaurant. Freddie and I know each other quite well. I wonder if my friends thought we were crazy that we actually knew and had the same answers to the questions, what is your favorite baby name and what will you name your first dog? Hey! We've dated for 6 years! We talk about lots of stuff.

We had a great dinner at a restaurant in Charleston called Cintras. These guys were our dining companions...

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This is the cast of the new Lifetime series Army Wives. Two tv obsessed friends, that is not a jab, I too, am TV obsessed, just with different shows, were abuzz all through dinner because they recognized two of the guys at the table. After some fast cell phone internet searching, they realized one was a no name guy who is the guest star on every show and this guy played a character on Charmed.

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His name is Drew Fuller and I didn't recognize him at all, but he was yummy.

Since I thought it was fairly obvious, by the leis and the flashing bride button I was wearing, that we were celebrating, I felt like it'd be just fine if I was totally uncool and chatted them up. As we made our exit (more on that in a sec), I stopped by Drew and said, can I ask you a question? He said, yes. Are you on TV?

He kind of laughed. It was kind of a ha ha ha I'm too cool to pretend I'm into this, but I'm still a D list celebrity, so this totally rocks kind of laugh. He said, yes.

I said, my friends have been trying to figure out where they knew you from all night. Buffy, right?!....I mean CHARMED! (I didn't do this to be an ass, they debated about Angel earlier and that's how I got that whole thing in my head, but I was pretty smug about the mistake.)

He said, I'll tell you a secret, pretty much everyone at this table is on tv.

We introduced ourselves and I went on about my business. I wasn't carrying a camera, and no one offered, so I didn't get a picture, but seriously it's not like I'm saying I saw Brad Pitt, who would make this up?

As we tried to leave the restaurant, we were warned that we might want to make other plans. We checked the door only to find the water had climbed the curb and the step and that there was a small river flowing down Market Street.

We are brave ladies and would not let ourselves be stopped by a bastard named Barry, so we took off our shoes, rolled up our pants and stepped in. The water came mid calf and the rain was falling sideways, but we laughed it off and made our way to a place called Mad River.

The bar gave me a t-shirt with silly tasks on it. I did a few of them, including get a bartender to take his shirt of and take a picture with you!, and we had a few drinks. Sometimes when I drink, I like to get back at every guy who ever thought he could have whatever woman he wanted, by doing a little booty pinching. I like to reach around, take a little pinch, and then act totally nonchalant, so they don't have a clue who did it. Let's see how you like feeling like a piece of meat, sucker! I'd say I pinched about 25 butts last weekend. Good times. I only got pinched back once.

The sun finally broke though on our way home on Sunday, but I still had a great time. And, to tell the truth, while I missed the beach, I didn't care that much because I'm going to the beach in a month and I was pretty nervous that the bridesmaids would have ugly strap lines---here comes Bridezilla!

I'll post some pics as soon as I get 'em.

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