Thursday, May 31, 2007

Amanda and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Today was crappy. I woke up feeling pretty good, which surprised me since I enjoyed a few too many margaritas at my birthday bash last night. About 20 minutes later, my instincts did not let me down, my body just hadn't caught up to my recent early rising courtesy of my new, loud, early bird roommate. Just a short while into the day, the headache and cotton mouth kicked in, only to be followed by a slight turning of the stomach. I complicated the matter by accidentally switching my zyrtec for a medicine I need to take with food and pretty soon my insides were in a tizzy.

I knew a shot of grease would give me a good kick in the pants and headed to the deli for a tasty Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sandwich (which will go with my new bikini quite nicely, I'm sure.) Unfortunately, I didn't get the grease fast enough and instead was overwhelmed by the smells and sight of not quite done chicken patties and had to make a brief detour to the ladies room. Blech.

I started the day in a foul mood because the rest of my coworkers got to go to a conference, that was probably neither entertaining nor educational, but it was away from work-including a woman who is quitting tomorrow!-but 3 people had to be here to cover and since I'm on overnight duty tonight, I got volunteered, which not only meant I was stuck at work, but I was also busy!

Then I had to show one of our new interns around on a unit I don't even cover.

Finally, I had to show 2 new younguns the ropes...aka they followed me everywhere I went for 3 hours while I narrated my every activity. Good times.

So, I was angry. It actually felt kind of good because usually I like to stuff that stuff way down and just feel sad about it, but today I was pissed. Of course, no one cared enough to change anything, but still...

But, you know what? It's all good because tomorrow I'm going to the BEACH!!!!

The weekend is sure to be filled with sexy lingerie and drunk women. I'll be sure to share the juicy details upon my return.

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Lisagh said...

Hope you're having a great weekend!