Wednesday, May 23, 2007

43,538 minutes

That's how much time we have until the wedding. It's one month from today.

These are the things I have to accomplish in that time:

find a rehearsal dinner dress (and shoes, and jewelry)

make everyone realize they cannot bring their kids to the wedding (so find a sitter and a place to store the children)

Make sure fiance's groomsmen get their measurements to the tux lady

convince fiance to wear the tie I bought him for the wedding even though it contains PINK

make ringbearer pillow

change the bout. color one more time

finalize details for next day brunch (invites, food, etc)

Honeymoon (as in, everything except our flights, which are the only thing we've taken care of.)

monogram bouquet ribbon

decide readers' texts

make guestbook on ofoto

make wedding cd

buy rest of bridesmaid gifts

help fiance figure out something to give his fellas

buy parents' gifts

final dress fitting

frame bridal portrait

wedding announcement

bridesmaid luncheon seating arrangments

bachelorette weekend!!!

finish bulletin (get info to printer, tie ribbons, decide hymns, flower dedication, etc.)

buy cake trinkets

make dj play list

one million thank you notes

toss, sort, give away, and pack my crap

buy fridge


marriage license

communion bread

bridesmaid bouquet ribbons

Actually this is not the end of the list, but I'm about to have an anxiety attack, so I've got to stop. Don't be fooled, I actually am happy that the wedding is only a month away!


Evelyn said...

you forgot about the tattoo

Britt said...

ooh goodness! good luck~