Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I love the office. love. it. So, when I found Mindy Ephron's blog (Mindy plays Kelly on the show), I was all over it. She posts about her favorite purchases...comedy and shopping in one place, count me in.

I really enjoy reading her posts and recently noticed that there are very rarely any comments posted. So, I began to think that perhaps I would write a comment on Mindy's blog. I hoped that she might then check out my blog and we would become fast friends.

She recently posted about underwear or something like that and I seized the moment. I sat for a minute trying to think of something witty yet appreciative to write. I crafted the perfect response and entered the appropriate security information.

As I waited for the comment to go through, I was elated. I was trying to decide whether I'd tell anyone what I'd done. I couldn't believe I'd been the only one to notice that she had very few fans on her blog. Of course she'd appreciate the support and friendship too, of course. Sharing would allow friends to support me as I waited for her reply. (I felt like I'd just sent her a note. Mindy, do you like me? Check yes or no.) Of course, it might also be fun to have friends just notice Mindy's regular comments and see that we're buds.

Fortunately, that problem was quickly resolved. A message flashed on the screen clarifying why Mindy has no fan following. Comments on her blog are limited to team members. I quickly hung my head in shame and signed off.


Evelyn said...

I'm sad for you...

But I thought her last name is Kaling??? What's the Ephron about?

Debbie said...

Oh man that stinks! Why don't you try to be a "team" member or whatever, haha.

You're stores make me laugh at work. Thanks!

Debbie said...

yeah, you're stores make me laugh!! What is wrong with me today?? haha

Your stories make me laugh. Phew!

melissa said...

I had wondered why she had no comments! Thanks for solving the mystery. Way to love your fans, Mindy! It seems against the unwritten (or maybe they're written somewhere)laws of blogging to disallow comments. What's wrong with a simple spam filter?

Speaking of spam filters, one or two of your comments got stuck in our spam filter recently, so if you had noticed they didn't appear right away, that's why. But they're there now! And if we allowed only team member comments, you would TOTALLY be on our team. That is why, to summarize using math, Lindsay + Melissa > Mindy.

STL Sarah said...

Man, that sucks. Maybe someone on the "team" will be so amused by your comment that they'll let it slip through the cracks. Keep the dream alive.