Saturday, December 01, 2007


You know what I can't stand? Hot fruit. I really don't like it. I don't much care for many sweet things when they're hot. I prefer cakes and pies to be cool. Warm Krispy Kremes, no thank you. I just feel like the hot and the sweet are more than I can handle.

This can be a problem sometimes. I don't like cobbler until it's cold. I'm not interested in hot apple pie and this time of year, I'm bummed out about cider. It always sounds like a good idea. Oooh, it's Christmas, I should have some apple cider, but then the hot and the sweet fruit flavor hit me all at once and it's gross sensory overload. The other day I went to a craft fair and they had free wassail. I was all about it. I've always wanted to come a-wassailing among the leaves of green, but then I read that it's some kind of hot berry drink and I had to pass. I know I'm missing out on the seasonal splendor but what can you do? I'm learning to embrace my inner weirdo and just say no on the hot fruit.

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