Saturday, December 01, 2007

it's beginning to look a lot like lazy

I am feeling very inspired these days. I am so excited to put our tree up that I can't stand it. I have grand ideas about how to decorate our new house. I'm plannign to make candy for all of the neighbors. I want to have all of my Christmas presents bought and shipped by the 15th. But, did I go out and purchase a tree stand so that we could put our tree up tomorrow when Freddie gets home? Have I gone to the attic to get the decorations down and inventory them? Have I even begun to clean out the front room so that we have a place to put the tree and decorations? Do I have a clue how to make candy or have I begun to figure that out? Have I purchased even a small portion of my Christmas gifts? The answers, no, no, no, no, etc. Instead, I have been sitting on my butt.

I really enjoy reading blogs. But, I'd been out of the loop for a while. So out of the loop that I really couldn't even motivate to catch up even though I wanted to. I'm good about giving myself certain expectations that are pretty much ridiculous. I only began to realize this when I was telling a friend about all of the magazines I had to catch up on---WHILE I WAS IN GRAD SCHOOl! I actually let the pile of 2nd hand magazines my mom gave me stress me out. So, I am allowing myself to no read every single post I missed and just enjoy reading what I can.

Of course, that is also allowing me to breed a whole new form of lazy. I really should go check on my dog. I can hear him rummaging through all sorts of things in the other room, and considering the fact that I removed a large nail from his mouth this morning, it's really not wise to leave him unattended. But, he's still excited enough about me that I can call him every 7 minutes or so and distract him from his mayhem. You may call it lazy. I call it efficient parenting.

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