Saturday, December 15, 2007

holly jolly christmas

I'm crazy.

We went to a Christmas party last weekend. It was pretty fun. I actually thought we would have to do a bit of juggling because our neighborhood party was the same day. I was wrong. I thought it was last Saturday, but it was actually this weekend.

So, tonight we got all dolled up and stopped by one of our neighbor's houses across the street who was having an open house before the party. We were on the tail end of the open house. We arrived about nine and it went from 6-10, but we thought we'd just stop in for a quick second before heading to the neighborhood party where the open bar would be. We took a little longer getting ready that I thought because I tried to make a little dessert to take a long (some oreo drop cookies), but Freddie convinced me to leave them until I could find some white chocolate to dip them in since they looked like little baby turds.

So, we rolled up the across the street neighbors' house around 9:00. They've actually been the nicest too them, but they're a little...different...they homeschool their kids and served as missionaries for a few years...very nice though. Freddie spotted Ellen, wearing a slightly casual christmas sweatshirt, looking oddly at him before she let us in, so he said, sorry we're so late. Did we miss visiting hours? Ellen smiled and said, oh, the party was last night! Boy, were we embarassed! But, they kindly invited us in and we chatted for a bit. Sorry, we told her. Freddie thought he remembered her saying they were sorry their party was the same night as the neighborhood party, so that's why we thought it was tonight. Ellen kindly got out her newsletter and pointed out to us that the neighborhood party was also last night and then we all had a good laugh at our expense.

So, we fools decided to head out and have a little fun while we looked all spiffy. We toured the town scoping out lights and stopped at a cool new hotel for drinks. I had a ymmy fruity martini and rounded out the night with a chocolate martini and we met a nice couple and chatted for an hour. So, the neighbors think we're fools, but we made it work. You win some you lose some.

Did I mention we had already paid for our tickets to the neighborhood party?

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