Thursday, July 17, 2008

absolutely ridiculous

I just purchased tickets to see Maroon 5 and Counting Crows in Charlotte on July 28th. I found a promo offer to get the lawn seat for $10 dollars, but somehow my total purchase price was $26.15.

$10 Concert Lawn Seat
$6 Facility Charge
$4 Convenience Charge
$1 Delivery Charge (to go and pick it up at a local retail location)
$5.15 Order processing fee

Ripping off a poor schmuck like me...priceless.

Thanks a lot ticketmaster!


Melissa said...

Hahahaha. Don't you hate that??? It makes no sense.

Joy said...

Ticketmaster is infuriating to me... But, at least it was $26 for a lawn seat instead of a typical price plus that extra bullcrap making it $50 or so!

I'm so jealous! I love CC!

Jules said...

email me: about the 5k school

Melissa said...

was it worth it?? i hope so!