Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I injured myself playing putt putt. This is something only I would do...actually, my husband could probably do it too, remember the fish hook? Anyway, we took my aunt and grandmother to Celebration Station to play mini golf last week. I was running the score card back to Freddie so that he could keep tabs and I tripped, but I caught myself and landed on a bush. At least I think it was a bush, it was some kind of cut off stick that was sticking out of the ground, I didn't really get a good look because of the blinding pain.

I tried to walk it off, but it continued to hurt more and more. Fortunately, I did not shout obscenities at my grandma, aunt, and mother in law. I sat down and told Fred that I was afraid to look at it. I was convinced that if I did, it would start bleeding and my powers did not deceive me. It was bleeding like mad.

Have no fear friends, despite my husband's attempts to convince me otherwise, I finished the game. I also lost.

Here's a shot of my little injury.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Fred doctored me up and it's looking much less gory, but still hurts like crazy.

I was supposed to start a running school this week, but can barely walk, so I'm holding off. Keep your fingers crossed and pray that I turn into wolverine overnight.

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Jules said...

GROSS!!! How did I not see all these posts yesterday?????