Friday, November 21, 2008


Can anyone tell my why I'm still watching Kath and Kim? The show is absolutely ridiculous and not funny and yet I haven't missed an episode. For the record, I set it up on my dvr before I had even watched an episode, but I could cancel the recording or delete the programs instead of watching them. But, I don't. It's like a bad accident. I can't look away.


More, More, More said...

if you figure it out please let me know... I watch it too and I have no idea why!

Melissa said...

I only watched a couple of episodes of K&K, but I have the same problem with Privileged! Every episode follows the same pattern (Megan did something that made Laurel mad! They talk in Laurel's office and whew, thank goodness Laurel has a soft spot for Megan's heart of gold!), and I can't stop watching.

Although I haven't watched last Tuesday's episode yet. Maybe I'll finally break the cycle.