Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Yesterday, I taped Oprah because I wanted to see Dooce. Freddie was doing his online application in the same room and overheard her intro that said she makes $40,000 a MONTH in advertising. A. MONTH.

Freddie rewound the tape to be sure that was correct. It was.

He looked at me and said, "Holy Shit, Babe. You better get to typing."


Barefoot in the Park said...

i saw that. sign me up. how can i make that kind of money? :)

Susan D. said...

that is unbelievable! I didn't see that episode. I wanted to tell you that we found someone by word of mouth who cleans for us. She does another house in our neighborhood. I asked her if she had any openings, but doesn't have one right now. : ( I would ask around, bc she is a lot cheaper than Molly Maids and does a good job.

Jules said...

I agree...I watched it to and saw her in the preview or whatever...$40,000, AMAZING! But they did say that she made that and he quit his job to help together they only make $40,000? Must not be many fun things to spend money on in Utah or wherever they are!

Jules said...

and let me know if you need a housekeeper...the lady I use is $20 an hr. I tell her to come for 3 hrs and no more. LOL

Jules said...

ok 40,000 a mth sounds even crazier! lol

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