Wednesday, April 22, 2009

miss usa

In the midst of all of the Perez Hilton and Miss California USA controversy, many of you may not have heard that Miss North Carolina won the Miss USA pageant!

I actually heard about this amazing young lady last year at Freddie's family beach trip. The Dalton family regularly pops in on the Figure 8 trip to visit with his aunt and cousins (they all used to attend church together before the Daltons moved to Wilmington).

They popped by last year and I was initially impressed with the family's amazing looks. I mean these people are show stoppers, seriously. Mom and Dad are like Ken and Barbie and even the awkward little brother could have been a model. Only two of their knock out daughters could make it that weekend. Kristen was too busy being a star student at ECU and preparing for the Miss USA pageant.

Fortunately, we were able to meet the middle children. Their equally impressive daughter Julia is also a pageant girl. In fact, she was Miss Teen USA North Carolina-twice!. Unfortunately, she only made 3rd runner up in 2007 and then 2nd runner up in 2008.

You may be wondering about their other daughter, Kenzie. It must be hard growing up in that type of family. She seems to be holding her own though. She's kind of artsy and eclectic. Not too eclectic though, more like New York chic. Lest you feel sorry for her for missing out on all of the pageant fun, she was the Azalea queen at a local Wilmington Festival. Fortunately, for the misfit of this family, she did catch someone's eye. She's engaged...

To Chad Michael Murray

What a family.

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