Tuesday, April 21, 2009

sorry, mate

I've been a little overwhelmed this week, so last night I declared that we were definitely going out to eat tonight.

However, it seems a maelstrom is brewing outside and I am pretty comfy in my jammie pants, so I reminded my husband that he'll be away from the house a lot next week for furniture market. I sweetly suggested we let Outback do the cooking.

We were excited to find that we didn't even have to actually talk to a person, we could just order online. So, click, click, click, and in twenty minutes we'll be eating steak!

Except, we just got the confirmation e-mail and realized we'd actually placed an order at the Outback in Blowing Rock, NC.

It's two hours away and while I'll be there this weekend, I'm too hungry to wait.


1 comment:

Jules said...

LOL...so what happened? did you cancel and change and then have to talk to someone in GSO? LOL