Monday, March 19, 2007


You know what I did for St. Patrick's day? Nothing. Strike that. I did work alone for 12 hours. Then I came home and cleaned like crazy. Alone. I was a big lonely alone person. I went through the millions of boxes I kept in storage for the three years I was in grad school and trashed everything. (Because who doesn't love throwing money away.) No, really, I didn't throw EVERYTHING away. It was worth paying the storage fee for the six things I will keep, but I did trash two boxes full of stuff and box up seven boxes for the rummage sale and I'm not even finished. The most fun part is that I actually got called into work at 12:30, so I had to leave mid-clean, so the end result of all of my cleaning is actually a basement full of MESS.

I did find a new green outfit to wear to work on Saturday, but I didn't get to pinch anyone. Not one person. I was on-call so non of my buddies were there. My betrothed said, "weren't there nurses around?...and patients?" I informed him that, yes, there were, and many were not wearing green, but unfortunately pinching them is frowned upon, though I was tempted.

It's hard growing up.

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