Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pretty woman walking down the street

I enjoy reality TV. I particularly like documentaries about real people. I'm not talking about Biography on A&E. I'm more along the lines of True Life on MTV and Intervention. Watching a number of these shows, and Dr. Phil, I've observed several young women selling themselves on the street for drugs. They often are excited by a mere $35 and I think, girl, you're selling yourself short, but then again they're desperate. This begs the question...

How much would I sell my body for?

I'm not considering taking up a life of prostitution. I'm just saying, desperate times call for desperate measures, but also, a girl has got to have some standards. So, where is the line?

I'm not a knock out, but I don't have meth mouth, so that's got to count for something right? So, all things aside, I'm in a predicament, I need some money-BAD, but I'm not so desperate that I'll sell it all for 35 bucks. I posed this question to a few friends while I was on holiday last week and then again today at work.

One friend couldn't come up with a number for the whole shebang, so she said $5,000 for get what I'm saying, right? She was surpised by my shocked look. I thought it was a bit high.

A guy I work with said he'd give it up for $1,500-2,000 because he thought that's how desperate he'd have to be to do that. I thought, wow, if he had my student loans he'd be working the corner right now. I later learned he was picturing a mafia situation that involved slit wrists and busted kneecaps if he didn't have the cash in 30 minutes. I told him he'd probably have to go longer than 30 minutes to get that much money.

So, what's my asking price? $250. I don't think this is unreasonable. I think this is a point where my desperation and my standards cross. What's your price?

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