Thursday, March 22, 2007


My tastes in men have changed a bit over the years. While I used to have a thing for long hair, now I prefer short hair-I actually like it a little spikey too. I used to be mildly attracted to the grunge/hippy look (no smells necessary, just a tie dye shirt or a pair of baggy shorts), now I've got quite the thing for a man in a well fitting suit. Lately, I've started to really appreciate a pair of well fitting designer jeans. However, one thing has remained a constant. I love a guy in a baseball hat. Now don't get me wrong, not just any hat will do. I'm not looking for a netted trucker cap or an oversized flat billed hat with the tag still on. I'm talking about a well worn, well tailored "I'm just an everyday modest guy hanging out" kind of baseball hat. There's something to the mysteries held behind the hat. The way the brim casts a shadow on the jaw line or the way you can just barely catch a glimpse of the sexy eyes hidden underneath that I can't resist.

My betrothed does not have the same appreciation for baseball hats and it takes convincing to get him to wear one, but when he does...mmmm.... love it.

***sidenote. The fine young med student who inspired this post, I spotted him out the window while I was on my way to the library, is now standing beside me and I'm feeling a bit embarassed-and turned on...

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Joy said...

hahaha. I love the baseball hat thing too. Even guys I wouldn't otherwise find attractive...with the right hat...mmmm. But the right hat is key.

I've always wanted to date/marry/fool around with a man in a suit.

And I like khakis. Not even nice khakis. Just khakis.

Really, I just like boys.