Thursday, March 15, 2007

only in ardmore

I was unloading my car on Sunday night, when I hear a loud yelp. I say a yelp, because it was loud and short, but didn't exactly bring to mind images of pain or distress. A few seconds later I heard another one. The third was followed by the scraping sound of skateboard wheels.

I walked around my car to see that it wasn't skateboards I heard, but roller skates, well probably roller blades, but really they didn't sound that smoothe...there was something retro about them. I looked up to see two men skating down the street, enjoying the warm March evening and then I heard it...In a style that could only be matched by the Triad Pride Men's Chorus, half show tune the other half diva, one of them was singing...

"everything you own in a box to the left"

And I thanked God that I live in Ardmore.

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Joy said...

Nothing says "Spring" like men rejoicing in Beyonce and roller skates.