Friday, March 16, 2007

Luck of the Irish

I love holidays. I have a t-shirt for every holiday. Not an applique sweatshirt, but a cool t-shirt. I usually wear the t-shirt with black pants and a black jacket to work. I have an orange long sleeve with a small black witch's hat on the chest for Halloween. For Christmas, I have a collection of shirts. I like to celebrate.

On valentine's day I wore a red shirt with a small a silver heart. Before I changed for dinner, I said to Freddie, "you love my holiday shirts. It's your favorite thing about me."

"Yes," he said, "it is my favorite thing about you. When I tell people about you, I tell them about how nice you are, and how cute you are, and how fun you are, 'but you know what', I say, 'my favorite thing about Amanda is how she has a shirt for every holiday.'"

They're very fun. I also have socks. And boxers for sleeping, which I also buy for Freddie to wear because I shouldn't be the only one having all of the holiday fun. (Though he often doesn't follow the rules and wears his boxers any time during the year that he wants and then they aren't clean when the holiday approaches, but this is just one of the many things I will fix after we're married :)

So, of course, when St. Patrick's Day arrives, I do not disappoint. I ALWAYS wear green. I do have a black shirt with a green shamrock, but I can't seem to place it this year. I decided I'd wear a short sleeved green cable knit sweater with my khaki work pants and, of course, my st. patty's day socks (shamrocks with faces holding a foamy mug of beer). I couldn't find the socks at first, but I hunted in the attic and there they were.

I rolled in to work, ready to pinch, because NO ONE was wearing green. Then I realized why.

Today isn't the 17th like I thought.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day.


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