Thursday, October 23, 2008


Our wee pup has been rather annoyed with us lately. We've been a little too busy this week, Freddie has the market and I started my new job, and we haven't given him the exercise or attention he needs. He's been coping by throwing his hard rubber ball at my nose and making a lot of noise. Sometimes he just walks right up to us and barks incessantly for 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure he's using obscenities.

Tonight, Freddie tried to make amends by taking him on TWO bike rides. (I suppose I should clarify by saying that Jack runs beside the bike. He does not ride in a seat on the back or one of those yellow wagony things. I would ride in one of those though, so if you're trying to get rid of one, let m know.) The first one was successful. The second one not so much.

Freddie said he could see the the woman walking the two big dogs was clearly out of control. She could barely hold on to them and when they passed one of them broke free and chased them down. Jack got nervous and slowed down and the dog got him. Freddie stopped quickly so Jack wouldn't get caught in the bike tire. When they were stopped, the dog was able to calm down and sniff him, but I still found marks and a huge bruise on his shoulder.

People, listen to Cesar. Your dog will actually love you more if you give him a little discipline and exercise. Don't let him jerk you down the road. It sounds crazy, but that that tsk and shhing actually works.

We'll see if Jack has been too traumatized to go for another bike ride. He may just want to stick to the car. It's safer there and he can use his car seat.


Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Amanda...!

We feel so badly for your darling pooch! We can't stand people being out with animals they can't control.

We hope he is fine by now,

Jules said...

are you running still???